The 5 wineries in Valdepeñas that you can’t miss on the Wine Route

Fernando Olaverri said that wine is the only work of art that can be drunk and this elixir, over the years has become a culture and a milestone for the history of all.

La Mancha is one of the places par excellence that has the most extensive vineyards in the world for this reason, in 2018 created the Valdepeñas Wine Route to enjoy and share a passion: wine. On this route you can find from the largest and most traditional wineries to the smallest but with character and personality to practice wine tourism. However, this itinerary encompasses much more, from guided tours, to specialized stores, tastings and museums to restaurants where you can satisfy your palate with signature dishes.

We know that it is very difficult to choose among so much wealth for this reason, we recommend 5 wineries that you can not miss on your visit to Valdepeñas.

Reconquista Winery

Bodega Reconquista is the most disruptive of all, as it is committed to technology in the production of its wines but without losing the traditional essence that causes a unique result. In an intimate space you will live a complete experience in all senses tasting simple wines of great quality after a rigorous and careful process.

Pago Casa del Blanco Winery

Our next choice, of family character, has designed and built its own room with the greatest affection for this and much more, their effort has been rewarded by acquiring the highest category in the classification of wines in 2010. In addition, they stand out for cultivating with the utmost respect for the environment.

Megía e Hijos Winery

This winery has a modern fermentation room and its own vineyards with different grape varieties. Inside it contains one of the deepest caves of the Valdepeñas Wine Route where the most valuable wines are kept. As a curious fact, one of their creations was sent to the wedding of the kings themselves, so you cannot leave without tasting their Corcovo Crianza Tempranillo.

Moralia Winery

The facilities of Bodegas Moralia arise from a dream, to recover the winemaking tradition of Moral de Calatrava. Pampering and taking care of the vineyard and with the introduction of innovation, they have achieved a result of unique fruit to produce wines for all types of audiences and palates.

Isidro Milagro Winery

Finally, we suggest you visit the great Bodegas Isidro Milagro, which has become one of the top 10 wineries in Spain thanks to its close relationship and commitment to the winegrowers in the area. As a hallmark, in its quest for quality it has worked on the originality of custom bottling and high quality packaging.

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