Do you know the Tablas de Daimiel National Park?

Parque Nacional de las Tablas de Daimiel

Do you know the Tablas de Daimiel National Park?

The Tablas de Daimiel National Park is the last representative of an ecosystem called fluvial tables. These fluvial tables are formed when the rivers overflow in their middle sections. It offers unique landscapes with a great diversity of animal and plant species. Added to this is the large number of migratory birds that pass through the area, making it one of the most important aquatic ecosystems in Spain.

If you are passionate about ornithology you can not miss the Tablas de Daimiel National Park on your vacations in La Mancha. This space is exceptional because it is the last park representative of such a large ecosystem that recreates the importance of conservation and maintenance of wildlife.

When viewing this unique area many people wonder how it has come to be created and is that this place originated in the most unexpected way with the overflows of the Guadiana and Gigüela rivers mixed with groundwater from an aquifer.

Thanks to this, a vegetation cover was created that has favored to give life to numerous species and ensure its conservation, even creating an Integral Zone of birds that leaves the lovers of ornithology speechless.

Its fauna and flora: the most valuable of La Mancha

This park was declared a National Park in 1973 and a Biosphere Reserve for its incredible fauna and flora to be discovered. During your visit, you will be able to observe up to 250 aquatic birds of different species in very different situations. Some will be hibernating, others just passing through and the most magical thing you will see: birds in their nests taking care of their young.

The vegetation of this space will also catch you from the moment you set foot in the park thanks to its beautiful greenish colors that stand out even more when it is a sunny day. Among the flora, the masiega stands out, the ovas that serve as food for numerous birds and the striking trees called tarayes as well as other plants such as bulrushes or sea rushes.

If you have been convinced by the history of the Tablas de Daimiel National Park and everything you can find in it, we recommend you to come with your family, as we know firsthand that it is a great tour for both adults and children who can have fun to see common frogs, gallipatos, toads and fish or watching animals of the most varied as water snakes, otters, wild boars and even foxes and badgers.

How to go to the Tablas de Daimiel?

From the town of Daimiel there are 10 kilometers of road to the National Park Visitor Center. There you will find information about the state of the environment during the day, as well as advice and recommendations during the visit.

When to go to the Tablas de Daimiel?

The ecosystem of the National Park allows you to enjoy its landscapes, fauna and flora throughout the year. However, the park’s opening hours are reduced during winter, going from closing at 21:00 in summer to 18:00 in winter. Therefore, if your idea is to take advantage of the maximum time possible, we recommend visiting in spring or summer.

Where to sleep in a nearby area?

In the town of Daimiel is the Hotel Doña Manuela, which offers its services to ensure the best stay for its customers. Located in a central area of Daimiel, specifically in Paseo Carmen 1 (13250), the Hotel Doña Manuela allows you to rest and make the most of your visit to the Tablas de Daimiel National Park.

Where to eat in the surroundings?

In the same way that Hotel Doña Manuela offers the best rest and comfort during your stay, they also have a restaurant with the best La Mancha gastronomy and an extensive menu that includes tasty dishes, as well as delicious homemade desserts.

What to see in the Tablas de Daimiel?

In addition to food and lodging, the Hotel Doña Manuela offers 2 offers to visit the Tablas de Daimiel. Both offer accommodation for 2 people and a guided hiking tour of the Tablas de Daimiel National Park, however, the second offer also includes a route in a 4×4 and double the duration (4 hours) compared to the first offer (2 hours).

With these basic indications we hope you have a pleasant and active trip to the Tablas de Daimiel, and that you enjoy everything this natural paradise has to offer, as well as the services of the Hotel Doña Manuela.

Come to Hotel Doña Manuela for the best comfort.

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