Almagro International Classical Theater Festival

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Almagro International Classical Theater Festival

The Almagro International Classical Theater Festival is now an unmissable event for all lovers of theater and art in general. Presumably, it has positioned itself as the most important festival in its category, internationally speaking.

The Almagro Theater Festival is focused on the theater of the 16th and 17th centuries, the baroque theater, developed during the Spanish golden age. In fact, the festival emerged in these centuries and has been adapted as time has passed and has covered more types of theatrical literature. Not only within our borders, but it has an international atmosphere, which brings people from all over the world.

This Almagro Theater festival is held in summer, normally during the month of July, and offers a wide variety of classical theater works, as well as other cultural and tourist activities, such as exhibitions, colloquiums, children’s activities or workshops.

Almagro is known for its impressive historical and cultural heritage, and in particular for its links with classical Spanish theater. It takes place in Almagro, declared a Historical-Artistic Site since 1972 and is the perfect excuse to get to know this beautiful town at its most lively moment.

In the festival, around 107 events are held, from performances to cultural and pedagogical actions, in 20 different spaces, including the original Corral de comedia, the Plaza Mayor or El Palacio de Valdeparaíso.

History of the Classic Theater of Almagro

Almagro was founded by the Order of Calatrava in the 13th century, after the victory of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212. The history of theater in Almagro dates back to the 17th century, when the city was an important commercial and cultural center; specifically to the year 1628, a decisive year in the history of the city, given that in this year the famous Corral de Comedias de Almagro was built, considered one of the oldest theaters in Europe.

History of the Classic Theater of Almagro

It was in 1978 when the first Spanish Classical Theater Conferences were convened in Almagro. Thus the Almagro Theater Festival was born. During these sessions, professionals related to theater in different aspects met. They were organized to unite the theater and the academic world, to alleviate the seasonality of the performances at the Corral de Comedias and, especially, to generate a vote of confidence from the public and critics.

Furthermore, the fact that the  Corral de Comedia was discovered , a building that was declared a Historical-Artistic Monument in 1955 and its subsequent restoration was carried out between 1953 and 1962, was the turning point for the Conference to be convened in Almagro.

But Almagro’s theatrical heritage is not limited to the Corral de Comedias, it also includes other historic theaters, such as the Almagro Municipal Theater, the La Veleta Theater or the Marsillach Theater, which was the old San Juan hospital.

Evolution of the Classic Theater of Almagro

The Almagro Conference was very well received. It is for this reason that a year later the Almagro Classical Theater Festival was presented for the first time. In 1981 the tricentenary of the death of Calderón de la Barca was celebrated and it aroused great interest in the Festival and the Conference.

During 1982, the structure that remains today was designed. Creating a festival itself, giving it entity and international projection. A Board of Trustees is created, a professional director is appointed for the first time to be in charge of managing the Festival (César Oliva) and the event is renamed the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival.

In 1984, the  INAEM was created  and, due to the support of the General Director of Music and Theater José Manuel Garrido, and the higher involvement of regional and local institutions, the festival received the economic boost it needed. Due to the progressive recognition that the festival is gaining, the  National Classical Theater Company  (CNTC) was born, in order to continue promoting and regulating the theatrical works of the authors of the Golden Age. Little by little it consolidates and the CNTC establishes its summer headquarters in the Hospital de San Juan space since 1994.

The internationalization of the Festival

The internationalization of the Festival has made it achieve great importance and has become the best showcase of Baroque theater. Currently and in previous editions, more than 50,000 people travel to Almagro to enjoy the days.

Thanks to the International Classical Theater Festival, the city of Almagro becomes a theater showcase for the world that everyone can enjoy.

Programming of the Classic Theater of Almagro

Almagro classical theater: 2023 program. Discover the program for the Almagro classical theater days here .

This year’s more than 50 performances can be enjoyed in the following spaces: the Corral de Comedias, the Plaza Mayor, AUREA, the Adolfo Marsillach Theater, the Casa Palacio de Juan Jedler (Patio de Fúcares), the Municipal Theater and the Villarreal Palace House (Palacio de los Oviedo).

The 2023 Almagro International Classical Theater Festival

This year it will be celebrated from June 29 to July 23, 2023 and will feature renowned performances that will be in dialogue with other contemporary and emerging poetics that come to our country. Among this year’s proposals we will find:

  • National premieres of the most renowned Spanish and international artists in our country : The National Classical Theater Company, works by Lluís Homar, Pepe Viyuela, Elena González and tributes and retrospectives of the great theater figures of our country.
  • Children’s Baroque : The theatrical bet for young and old, adapted works, workshops and special activities for the whole family.
  • Free, street-level experiences , culture available to everyone.
  • Inclusive works and social action initiatives to bring theater to all types of audiences.

Almagro International Classical Theater Festival


In 1978 , with the aim of being a showcase and a meeting point for stage creation, especially that inspired by the Golden Age, the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival was inaugurated .

Since then, the festival has been a crucial event in the theater scene of our country for 45 years, in which artists and cultural professionals from all fields converge and exchange ideas and spaces for collaboration in Almagro : directors, performers, playwrights, researchers, set designers, cultural management professionals, producers, philosophers, journalists…

During it, historical works by Calderón de la Barca, Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina, Sor Juana Inés or Fray Luis de León are represented , combined with the artistic currents and themes of the moment , as well as with training, pedagogical and participatory activities. , since the festival also aims to be a space for avant-garde, dialogue and learning both for professionals in the sector and for all audiences .

Accommodations near the Almagro Classic Theater

If you want to enjoy this event and are looking for a hotel for the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival, we suggest our Hotel Doña Manuela, in Daimiel, just over 30 minutes by car from Almagro and bordering the beautiful Las Tablas National Park. Daimiel.

Our hotel has all the amenities you may need and a restaurant where you can enjoy La Mancha cuisine. In addition, we have the perfect location to experience the Almagro Theater Festival first-hand, since we are located just half an hour away by car.

In short, Almagro has been one of the nerve centers of theater in our country for centuries and, if you are passionate about Spanish theater, Almagro is undoubtedly a destination that you cannot miss.

Mandatory visit to the Almagro Classic Theater ! Are you going to miss it?


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