What to see in Daimiel and surroundings?

Qué ver en Daimiel y alrededores

What to see in Daimiel and surroundings?

If you are preparing your visit to Daimiel we help you to plan it in this post to know what to see in Daimiel and surroundings Take note!

Daimiel and its history

The first settlements in Daimiel date back to the Bronze Age and with the archaeological site of the motilla del Azuer as proof. A curiosity is that in this, the oldest well of the Iberian Peninsula has been discovered. This makes it an obligatory stop if you are looking for what to see in Daimiel and surroundings. Of great historical importance, it can currently be visited by hiring a previous visit. It is one of the must that you can not miss!

To continue with history, we go to the Castle of Calatrava la Nueva, which is quite well preserved and is a place to go. It was built as a replacement for the master’s headquarters that was located in Calatrava la Vieja. It began as a Visigothic settlement to later become a real complex with a church, guest house, convent, village and external enclosure, all fortified.

Daimiel National Park

But if Daimiel is known for something, it is for its Tablas de Daimiel National Park. These fluvial tables are produced by the overflow of the Guadiana and Gigüela rivers and represent a very important ecosystem. For this reason they were declared National Park in 1973.

A recommendation is that you go to the Regional Museum of Daimiel, as it has an interesting exhibition on the history and territory, from prehistoric times to the twentieth century, which can help you get an idea of what you will see later.

Motilla del Azuer

The Motilla del Azuer is an archaeological site that is presented as a link between past times and the present, giving visitors a unique opportunity to delve into the life and culture of those who populated this region in ancient times.

What to see near Daimiel

In addition to our previous recommendations about Daimiel and surroundings, there are many more things to see, including the surrounding villages, such as Almagro, attending festivals such as the Almagro Theater Festival or the Holy Week of Daimiel.

Now that you know what to see in Daimiel and surroundings if you go to Ciudad Real, the only thing missing is the best part.


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