Visit to a winery in Valdepeñas

Visit a winery of the D.O. Valdepeñas

The visit lasts approximately 90 minutes and includes the tasting of 3 wines made in the winery, accompanied by 3 typical La Mancha appetizers.

Visit the Stars winery

  • Includes guide and tasting of 3 wines
  • Visiting time*Saturdays at 12 noon/Sundays at 11 a.m.
  • Traditional family winery that produces, only with its own grapes, organic wines, wines made in clay jars without added sulfites; with the aim of naturalness.
  • It integrates sustainability into processes and natural quality as elements of respect for the planet and the beings that inhabit it.
  • Place of visit: C. Unión, 82, 13300 Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real

Description of the activity

We introduce you to the culture of natural wines, made without additives, preserving their authentic sensations without manipulation.

We share with you our work in the winery, contrasting it with conventional and technological methods.

You will explore the fundamentals of organic farming; the application of the cycles and rhythms of the moon and stars in cultivation, production and tasting. You will discover how production in traditional clay jars shapes the qualities of the wines, dispensing with artificial substances or processes.

Our exclusive Four Elements system is intuitive, easy and clear in explaining the creation and interpretation of our wines. We guarantee that the experience will be transformative, marking a before and after.

Wine tourism La Mancha

During a wine tourism experience, participants have the opportunity to learn about the wine-making process, from the vine to the glass, discovering the secrets of grape cultivation, winemaking and aging. Wine tastings become moments of delight, where the senses are heightened and the complexities of each variety are appreciated.

Beyond tasting, wine tourism also immerses travelers in local history and culture. Visits to wine towns, gourmet pairings and themed events expand the experience, providing deeper context to the connection between land, people and wine.

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